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Spunlace nonwoven in bales


Baled Nonwoven spunlace slabs, edge trims and pieces in densely pressed bales

Composition: viscose/polyester/polypropylen blends of variating quality. Highly absorbent.

Width: 40mm - 2000mm (pieces, narrow trims, cuttings)

average 30 - 50gr/m2


Packing: Pressed bales in plastic wrapping

Availability: at least 6 containers every month

11,5 tons in one 40ft HC container

Price: 0,36 eur/kg CIF Hanoi, 0,37eur/kg CIF Malaysia, 0,37eur/kg CIF Philippines, 0,35 CIF Thailand, 0,36 CIF Indonesia) 

These are usable for mops and dry wipes or cleaning cloths or fiber opening. 
Quality is good. More details can be send if requested.
Bales 1. 

Bales 2.

Bales 3.